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Bear Valley News and Views is a property and home owner advocacy to give property owners important information on current issues that effect both your economic and aesthetic interest in Bear Valley. Make no mistake, this is not a community site. My interest is strictly oriented to property owners. It is my contention that the informed self interest of property owners will best promote a vibrant, enjoyable and healthy community with an appropriate balance of development, growth and property owner’s rights.

To effectively use the web site, please note the way it is organized. Postings can be submitted by anyone and they will be Posted as long as they are in good taste. Vulgar and foul language will not be published nor will Ad Hominem attacks on the character of others will be allowed. Postings are organized in categories to aid you to find Postings of interest. Postings can be found by title in our archives by month or accessed in order of the most recent to earlier postings. 

You can also add your own comments to any Posting. Again, my policy is to not censor any comment. If essentially identical e-blast comments are submitted, only the one with the latest time/date tag will be posted. 

Please note the valuable Blogroll provided on the right side of our pages to assist you in finding additional information that you might find useful to develop a balanced understanding of important issues we face as home owners in Bear Valley. 

I want this site to be a helpful asset to Bear Valley homeowners and property owners by being an advocate for your property rights and your self-interest. 

Save this site as a Favorite and become a registered user to stay abreast of issues that have a profound effect on your property rights and the value of your investment in Bear Valley.


Phillip Coffman, Webmaster and Homeowner


6 Responses to “Bear Valley Homeowners News and Views Mission”

  1. Thanks for the clear thinking that Barbara brings to the table. Too many of us sit back and complain about what BVRI has become, but don’t know how to do anything about it. It’s time to do something that will make a real difference. I heartily endorse Barbara, John and Gloria for the BVRI Board of Directors! Please exercise your right and cast your vote for these fine members of the community. If you chose not to vote, your are aiding and abetting the continued self serving behavior of BVRI’s Board of Directors.

  2. Jon Cross says:

    What were the results of the BVRI board election held recently?

  3. Jon,
    I don’t know the complete results of the BVRI election, but I do know that Barbara Goodrich was elected (great!) and the Dralla’s write in campaign failed (too bad!).

  4. jill wegenstein says:

    your information is incorrect about aspen forest being the developer of 500 condos and the mountain. as you know Chuck Tenniskoeter is one third of Bear Valley Village Partners who are the current developers. As of now there is not a firm number of how many units will be developed. For sure, it will not be 500 units so your numbers and information should be revised. Chuck’s 50% purchase that was signed off by the Orvis family was independent of the development and does not represent the partners in any way.

  5. Mickie Diekmann says:

    Phil: Thanks to you and others we are much better informed than we used to be.

    Mickie Diekmann

  6. john9156452 says:

    keep up the great work on the site. I love it. Could maybe use some more updates more often, but i am sure that you have got other things things to do like we all have to do unfortunately. =) 91564

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